Contacting Joann was one of the best choices we've made for our dogs. Our adult dogs responded to the training exceptionally well, and Joann gave us "homework" that was achievable and easy to fit into our busy schedules. Our dogs are healthier, happier, less anxious, and much better behaved. And the biggest perk? They sleep through the night now! Thanks for everything, Joann!

Lauren & Matt

Joann, Thank you so much for all of your help. It has made a world of difference. Our Akita now has a positive/healthy response to strangers. It is now a joy to walk him around the neighborhood, and we no longer have to worry about a guest entering the house. It was truly amazing how much progress could be made in one week. We now have the tools to continue the positive behavior that you helped us achieve with Mabuhay.

Rich & Janet

Joann helped us through a very stressful situation. We adopted a second cairn terrier that was very aggressive toward our current cairn terrier. I was afraid to leave them alone for even a moment and we were certain we would have to give her up. They now play well together and I can leave them home alone while I am at work!

Joann is amazing. We were also able to work through other behavior issues and now we have happy, (mostly)stress free home. Thank you!

Mary Faulkner

Having 3 dogs, it is a work in progress, but the techniques help us to be able to manage our three dogs and keep them in a happy home. Without Joann's help, I am not sure where we would be with them!!!

Jamie Wilkes

Working with Joann was the best experience we've had training our very hyper pup! I wish I could offer a piece of advice to help improve your business but for my family we already consider it perfect! If it wasn't for your help and expertise we would not have been able to keep our precious puppy. He just celebrated his first birthday and we couldn't ask for a better dog. He's a perfect little Aussie gentleman!

Heather Navarre

Joann was a god send. I have two dogs and they both had different issues. Joann provided tools and training to help us have better pets. We still have issues from time to time, but I now know how to deal with them. She saved me from getting rid of one dog. We now have a calmer more controlled household.

Barb Holmes

I was fortunate to find a trainer who didn’t vilify an animal because of its breed.  I still came to class with a tough case because this rescue had boundless energy and excitement and was completely uncivilized.  I needed all the help and encouragement I could get to persevere with this astonishing animal. 

We were never subjected to any prejudicial atmosphere, and we were evaluated only on our behavior and performance.  Joann kept us focused on the positive aspects of discipline, social interaction and recreation and always maintained a professional demeanor

I was able to greatly expand my dog-handling abilities, and my confidence in my animal increased as we earned each other’s respect.  Cesar is now a favorite of anyone who meets him.  Pawsitive Pets was the cornerstone for creating a beneficial lifelong relationship between this human and this canine. 

Greg Bell

Joann is amazing - she's been the key ingredient in turning both our insecure rescue dogs into happy family pets and good canine citizens.

Lee & Patty

Pawsitive Pet Behavior has been a great resource for us in trying to prepare our pets for a new baby in the house.  Joann has done a great job teaching us how to teach our pets appropriate behaviors that will be extremely beneficial around the new baby as well as around others.  Her patience, knowledge, and easy going nature has made our training time fun and enjoyable for us, as well as our two dogs (Bogey & Viper). 

My wife and I have already noticed significant improvement in our dogs behavior after only 4 sessions.  Joann’s insight into why our pets react to certain situations the way they do and her tips and tricks to correct those negative reactions has given us a much clearer understanding of how to reinforce positive behaviors and drive them home.  I would recommend Joann to anyone looking to improve their dogs less desirable behaviors in a stimulating and positive atmosphere through Pawsitive Pet Behaviors. 

Mike & Julia