Feline Behavior

Feline behavior consultations and training are also available. Whether you are interested in basic training of foundation behaviors such as coming when called, stay or wait or introducing a new pet to your home, we can help!

We also consult on behavioral issues such as inappropriate elimination, aggression with people or other animals, aggressive play, fear or furniture scratching.






Note: If you are having an issue with your cat and inappropriate elimination (not using the litter box), we strongly recommend that you consult your veterinarian to rule out a medical cause prior to a behavioral consult.

Seeking any behavioral advice prior to a health screening is not recommended.  If there is a medical cause for the problem and you do not seek veterinary care for your cat, you will not have success with any behavior modification program.

Feline behavior services are provided in Greene, Montgomery and some areas of Warren County Ohio. 

Other areas are considered on a case by case basis.