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2000 - 2013

Reilly was born in the spring of 2000. He came from the same shelter as Murphy and is the product of Murphy's sister. The entire litter looked and sounded like beagles .... except of course for Reilly who is best described as a Lab/Dalmation mix with the most beautiful ice blue eyes.

Reilly passed his AKC Canine Good Citizen Test in 2002. His chief job -- and he does it well -- it to provide us with reminders of the challenges that come with living with a dog who lives for opportunity!

We are tempted to provide him with the current IRS tax code as we are sure he will find any and all loopholes!

In years past, Reilly would be known as a 'dominant' dog and yes, he does at times try and control as many resources as he can however he is also very sensitive and can get his feelings hurt quite easily. He appreciates knowing the rules and is good following them most of the time.

Reilly's ideal job would to be a taste tester for a dog food company. He is an expert Kong de-stuffer and was the inspiration for our 'Advanced' Kong stuffing technique (details found on our FREE toy handout).